Monday, August 12, 2013

Uzuri Skirt and Blouse

Hello all lemme start by saying that today is my birthday! Yay! Pause for the screams..... Ok I continue, hehehehehehe lol. Well. This blouse and skirt was self drafted ( I'm improving yay! ). The material is made of traditional prints. I guess you will be asking why print again? Well it is because it is accessible and affordable here and for now it is my mumu button (weakness) when it comes to chosing fabrics and since I'm a learner of some sort, it makes it easy for me to sew since it is cotton and finally where I preside, that is the most common fabric and it is of different grades. You yourself knows that the print itself is eye catching.

Once again happy birthday to me.


  1. Happy belated birthday dear- saw ur comment on my blog, (That's sew Naija)replied but I guess you havnt seen it. You can reach me here:

    1. Thanks will check on it now and will keep in touch. Thank you once again.

  2. I love the fabric and the length of the peplum

    You did a great job, indeed, practise makes perfect :-)