Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Purple Lace Dress

This dress was inspired by the burda design #101 2011. The top is lace while the gathered skirt is cotton print.

Yes I'm playing with the effects.


  1. Lovely work! And the print's pretty. One thing you can try, is cutting your band on the bias- from the way the pattern's positioned and the fit on your waist, it shows that it was cut along the straight grain. Try cutting it on the crossgrain, you'll love that you did! :-)

    1. Honestly I'm trying to understand your terms.I'm still learning. Can you make it clearer? Thank you.

  2. Oh! So sorry! Ok, when you hold up your fabric, look at the edge - take ankara for example- that straight line where the name of the ankara company is written, is the straight grain (as well as all the edges) now make a diagonal line I.e a right angle from the edge and that's the cross grain (opposite of straight grain) hope that's helpful?

  3. There's an illustration at the sew along going on on nairaland:

  4. I love the use of different fabric and the colour.

    You look lovely in your dress.