About Me

 Hi I'm Nkem. I am a Nigerian and I reside in Nigeria. When I was leaving home to a new city to work, my mum gave me one of her machines as a goodbye present(She saw what I didn't see hehehehe). Before then, I only used sewing machine to mend clothes. During one of the religious crisis that occured in Kaduna, a curfew was imposed on the inhabitants of the city. I decided to use that boredom energy so to speak to learn something new and sewing was it. Before then, I had sewing books but I didn't understand jack of it. learning online helped a lot and I discovered I had a talent for it. I have not looked back since. I improve myself with every stitch. I decided to start this blog so that I would connect with other sewists out there and share and exchange ideas. I work a 8-4 job. I am a fabric lover. Seeing the potential of a fabric that it could be made to anything brings me joy and that thrill I have when making something with the fabric is priceless.

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  1. Pleased to meet you :-)

    I am a sewista and fabric lover too.