Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trash to treasure

My best friend's inlaw's tailor ruined her clothe that she gave to him to sew. It was just top and pants but the pants had a problem with its structure so in anger she dumped it with the tailor after a long banter of curses on him. My best friend took it but it still had a problem so she gave it to me. I'm gonna convert the rejected to the most coveted. The thing is she just gave me the pants . One womans trash is another woman's treasure.

I am gonna call this Project Potential. Cus I believe it is not the end for this fabric. I am currently on one project though I didn't name it cus no big story there still a story anyway. Saw a style on kamdora site and decided to sew it don't get ideas for the name lol. I feel bad for her all her money just gone like that. For an average Nigerian, you understand what living in Abuja is like. Everything is on the high side as if everyone is a senator mschew. That will be another story.

Project Potential will be after the kamdora.